How can I see how much a ryokan room costs?
Once you have entered the dates of your stay, the rates will be clearly displayed along with the available room types. 

Can I make a booking for tonight on your website?
It depends on the ryokan. As some ryokans need time to prepare rooms or meals, they can disallow a booking for tonight or even for the next day. 

How can I search only for ryokans that are available for the period I want to stay?Ryokan Experience automatically shows only those ryokans that have availability for the dates you enter. 

Can I search for ryokans by price?
Yes, but only after you have entered a destination and your dates of travel. Once you have done this, you will be shown a list of available ryokans with their locations on a map. Below the map, you can see a “Price range” and a “Sort by price” drop down lists which allow you filter and sort the ryokans by price in combination with specific available room types. 

Can I limit the search to show ryokans in a specific district?
Yes. After choosing a region and a prefecture, you can refine your search by entering the district directly into the “Destination” field in the search bar.

What is the location of the ryokan? 
On the left hand side of the ryokan’s page you can see a map icon. By clicking on it, you can see the ryokan’s location. 
The ryokan you are looking at will be tagged in orange; nearby hotels are tagged in blue.

How can I search for ryokans that have rooms large enough for families? 
There are 2 ways you can search for family rooms:

  1. When entering your destination and dates of stay, you can select the number of rooms you’d like, along with the number of adults and/or children that will need to be accommodated. The ryokans shown will be limited to those that can match your specific requirements.
  2. After you have entered your destination and started your search you will see a list of hotels with their locations on a map. Below the map, you can see a “Facilities” drop down list with a “Family Room” value. This will limit the search results to ryokans with family rooms.